Park School

School Council

Elleray Park's school council is based at the Pensby site and it's members are working hard to improve our school. 

First we took part in team building challenges to get to know each other and learn about the importance of communication in a team. 

The children took turns to present their ideas. They had some amazing suggestions!

One of the children suggested that we do something extra to make people at our school really happy. At the next meeting we wrote and delivered kind notes and treats to make people smile. We asked people to pass the kindness on so that it would spread across school. 

The council voted unanimously to focus on improving our outdoor area during the autumn term.

We decided to host a cafe to raise funds. 

The children presented our idea to Margaret, conducted market research to decide what to sell and drafted a letter to parents. 


Our cafe opened for two weeks and was a fantastic success! 

School Council members performed their assigned roles brilliantly and other children in school really enjoyed visiting. The cafe gave the children opportunities to develop their communication skills, practise working with money and to develop their ability to work in a team.

We raised £72 and are in the process of deciding what to spend the money on.


The School Council welcomed John a representative from Rota Kids to a meeting in January. 

John has kindly offered to support the children in their next project : organising a sponsored bounce!